I believe that an individual is defined at any given time by the experiences and people one meets up to that moment. The bulk of this site describes some of these experiences. As such, I must take a moment to thank all of the people and instructors who have influenced me over the years. The following is a list of some of those who have been particularly inspirational.

I must first express my gratitude for my dear family, especially my parents, who have always supported and encouraged me to explore, learn, and pursue my dreams.

My friends from all my school years, most notably those from IB, have been good company, over the years.

Jerry Keene was kind enough to befriend a very young model railroad enthusiast. Barbara Clark taught me to explore the fundamentals of visual expression.

I have had the good fortune to learn from many outstanding teachers, beyond the basics of education into art, theatre, music, science, architecture, and computing. A number of instructors throughout my educational experience have encouraged me to perpetually further my cognitive energies and think beyond the box. In high school: Robert Black (Theory of Knowledge), Suzanne Brayer (Psychology), Richard Redding (Calculus). At the university: William H. Mitchell, Stuart Reges.

A great deal of credit must be given to Deborah Frey who taught my elementary school honors classes. In those classes in my formative years, I developed a spirit of inquiry, creativity, and reasoning skills ranging from deduction to synthesis and analysis. The activities in that course inspired the art of thinking, itself as well as an appreciation for knowledge, natural systems, and academic endeavors.

In various schools, a number of faculty and staff have been generous enough to support me and offer unique opportunities to go above and beyond: Wayne Montieth (Sunrise Tech Lab), Lynn Snyder (Sunrise Library), Justine Weaver (North Canyon Media Center), Wendy Pleake (North Canyon), Mary Irvin (North Canyon Theater).

I give thanks to everyone at the LTC especially Jim Austin and Beth Harrison for offering me such an opportunity and to Jeff Imig, Mike Martelle, Janice Dewey, Cubie King, Heather Lares, Julie Rackow, Gilbert Rosales, Maritza Wright, et al for their inspiration and friendship.


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