Peter A. Torpey Ph.D.

Media Experience Artist

The nth Art, LLC
Founder and Principal Creative
2 Forest Street #5
Cambridge, MA 02140–1567 USA


I work at the nexus of theater, design, image, music, technology, and storytelling. Most commonly, a given project is an amalgam of some or all of these elements. I weave together my diverse expertise to create systems for interactive media, installation, and performance. For each project, I address both the technological and control infrastructure needs of complex performances and exhibitions, as well as the design of visual and experiential languages.

As the founder and principal creative at The nth Art, LLC, I work with international and multidisciplinary teams, including theater directors, composers, orchestras, and other artists to invent experiences that amplify artistic expression and bring audiences closer to the stories being told. My creative and technical contributions have been integral to the design and implementation of groundbreaking works that focus on modes of representing expression and new models of presence in live performance. Many works use networked technologies in live and immersive experiences to extend performance across space and time.


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