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These tend to be the topics that lurk in my mind when no one else is looking.

All things are designed in some manner. Design is the application of abstraction and synthesis. Discovering the role of these processes has influenced me greatly. I have found that by sifting out the commonalities of disparate fields, I gain a better understanding of the structure of the topics. In doing so, I have come to understand the way in which I view the world— as a network of interrelated patterns.

Courses in epistemology, psychology, and computer science have fueled my interest in such topics. Frequently, I read books and write about subjects such as mathematics, the sciences, cognition, and computing.

Metaphor is an abstraction that can facilitate the incorporation of a new concept into one's cognitive model. Unfortunately, metaphors commonly employed in user interface design do not properly map onto the function or behavior that they describe.

Due to the sudden growth in popularity of the personal computer, many of these less-than-perfect metaphors have been widely adopted. I believe that the stagnation of graphical user interface metaphors prove to be a bottleneck of computer-human interaction, hindering the potential of computing power.