I hope that you are enjoying this site as you browse through the various sections. Allow me to explain a little bit about it.

My aim for this version of my personal website was to promote my services as a visual effects artist (for prospective employment) as well as offer some background about myself in order demonstrate the interrelated skills and concepts common to my interests.

The present visual layout evolved over several years as I sought a design that best represents me. During this development, I outlined specific technical and aesthetic design goals:

  • monochromatic
  • horizontal layout (centered band)
  • no vertical scrolling
  • fluid dynamic layout
  • navigation on the right
  • glowing streaks or arcs
  • standards compliance

This site was coded entirely by hand in TextPad using valid XHTML-1.0-Transitional markup. A few technical complexities were readily solved using a table-based layout. However, I expect all of my subsequent web design projects to forego table layouts in favor of strict separation of content and presentation.

CSS and JavaScript are used for the vast majority of the site's presentation and behavior. All background and design images were prepared or created in Adobe Photoshop.

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This site and all original content is copyright © 2004–2005 by Peter Torpey. All rights reserved. Examples of work completed for a client remain property of that client.


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Copyright ©2004–2005 Peter Torpey.