I have long enjoyed the creation of art. When young, I was fortunate enough to have private instruction in traditional media (oils, acrylic, chalk pastels, et cetera). My work was recognized with several awards and an art show by the age of six.

Fields near dusk. (Watercolor, age 9)Mountain and lake, unfinished. (Oil on Canvas, age 6)

The camera served as another artistic outlet. My education in the principle of color and composition translated well into photography. Later, having access to darkrooms and processing equipment gave me the opportunity to explore most all aspects of the medium. Photography also developed my sense for lighting, which has contributed to my experiences in theatre and cinematography, as well as my visual effects work.

Recently, as a matter of convenience, I tend to use my digital camera more than my 35mm film camera. It also has been some time since I have created any traditional media artwork (aside from pencil sketches). Nevertheless, I manage to satiate my occasional need for purely artistic visual expression by experimenting with digitally created still art.

A white glow flows atop a crystalline blue. (Processed Digital Photos)

A high-contrast photo of stones at the base of a tree. (35mm B&W)Water flows into a pond with large rocks. (35mm Hand Tinted)A geometric structure covers a footbridge. (35mm B&W)Paint peels on a wooden wheel. (Digital Photo)


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photography & art

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